How You Can Take a Stand for Women

Today is International Women’s Day and the theme for this year’s campaign is Be Bold for Change. Need some tips on how to do that? Check out this article from January of this year:

Change is hard. Especially when you are uncertain about what the future holds. As we head into the new year and new Administration, it is easy to feel a little lost with all of the changes going on around us. However, you may also find yourself compelled by these changes to take a stand and become more active in supporting women throughout the workforce.

Feeling the need to do something is the first step, but how do you actually get out there and support other women? We compiled four ways you can be proactive and get involved:

Run for office. While more and more women are getting elected to public office, there is still a glaring disparity that sees men much more likely to hold public office than women. Even if quitting your day job and starting a campaign sounds a little extreme for you, it is necessary for women to answer the call to elected public service and be in the room when decisions are being made.

Whether it’s an election for a state, local, or federal position, there are so many ways women can get involved and let their voices be heard from an elected platform. So, if you’ve ever felt the urge to run for public office, now is the time. Check out the positions you can run for and the eligibility requirements in the jurisdiction you are interested in and get your campaign rolling. Still a little hesitant? See if your jurisdiction has a program, like this one in Colorado, that specifically trains women to run for office.

Attend a rally. Going to a rally is a little less of a heavy lift than running for public office, but can be equally as effective. When men and women join together and rally around equality, it can be hard to ignore. As a result, grassroots rallies can be a great way to be a peaceful activist and work towards promoting change. Additionally, rallies can be a convenient place to meet allies and find other support networks. Check out this list of women’s marches to see if there is one in your area.

Start using your social media as a tool. In my opinion, the best kind of activism is the kind that doesn’t require changing out of pajamas and leaving the sofa. If you have a similar mentality, using social media as a tool for activism could be the best way for you to get involved.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn, you can use your social media to post credible articles and other media that build up the women around you and draw attention to inequalities. For example, the Women’s’ March campaign started online. Get out there and start a hashtag or retweet fellow activists, you never know what social media trend could catch fire and change the world.

Start a blog. Similar to social media, starting a blog can be an extremely effective way to stand up for women. Not only does a blog provide a platform for you to get your ideas and feelings out, but it also allows for a safe space where other women can come in and discuss ideas and support each other. Need some inspiration? Check out this list of thought provoking social justice blogs.

Have any other ways that you think women can take a stand for other women? Put them in the comments so we can continually brainstorm how to empower those around us.


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