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Are you a Gov 2.0 activist?

Australia’s Government Chief Information Officer, Ann Steward, urged civil servants to become Gov 2.0 activists at the FutureGov Forum Australia yesterday (Tuesday 27th July). She also had strong words for government agencies on the accessibility of their online services. From Asia/Pacific FutureGov. All very true and great stuff Ann. To get Gov 2.0 happening onRead… Read more »

It Takes a Village 2.0 to Fix a Street

Tucson’s Chantilly Drive had more holes than Chantilly lace. On the SeeClickFix page for the issue, citizens called it a “mine field,” “an obstacle course” and “a wagon trail from the 1800’s.” One neighbor counted 50 holes, some bigger than the hood of a car. It took 3 months and the support of 42 citizensRead… Read more »

Leaders Lead, Writers Write

For the past eight months I have been part of a leadership program that emphasizes identifying and following your dreams. Since I was in elementary school I have wanted to be a writer. I was good at it. I loved seeing my ideas take form on a page. Writing papers, stories, articles all came easilyRead… Read more »