10 Game-Changing Podcasts for Government Workers

When you are constantly on the go, it’s hard to sit down to read. Thankfully, podcasts exist, a way to consume information quickly through listening. Podcasts are a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

While we recently published a good roundup of podcasts for government communicators last year, here are a few more to add to the list:

The Business of Government Radio Hour

Produced by the IBM Center for The Business of Government, The Business of Government Hour features a conversation about management and leadership strategies government workers. It pushes the envelope on how you can become a better manager in the public sector.

Listen to The Business of Government Radio Hour »

NPR Politics

NPR’s political reporters offer weekly roundups and quick takes on news of the day, so you don’t have to open a newspaper every morning to know what’s happening in the nation and world.

Listen to the NPR Politics Podcast »

NPR Geek Speak

Learning should extend further than the government sector. This is why you should tune into Geek Speak, a weekly talk show produced by NPR about technology, science, and human creativity. Cue in to how technology shapes our daily lives and society as a whole.

Listen to the GeekSpeak Podcast »

(Whitehouse) Open for Questions

Open for Questions is a series of live chats with White House officials and the general public that gives the public direct access to the Administration. The podcasts cover important issues in today’s government.

Listen to Open for Questions »

Headspace Meditation

Come to work with a clear head through Headspace Meditation podcasts, where you can listen to short and inspirational mind-easing exercises.

Listen to Headspace Meditation »

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a former professional athlete and New York Times bestselling author dives into how to achieve success, promote resilience, and other strategies to curate success in the workplace. Whether you are a government worker or not, this podcast helps eliminate mental barriers to achieve professional greatness.

Listen to The School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes »

White House Speeches

Maintain a connect with what is going on at the federal level through White Houses Speeches, a podcasts airing the President’s remarks, town halls, and press conferences. The podcast also occasionally features the Vice President and First Lady.

Listen to White House Speeches »


SeeClickFix, a communications platform for the public sector, hosts an podcast informing government communicators about how to effectively reach their audiences, workplace tips, and more. Podcasts range from the glass ceiling to leveraging technology and frequently feature notable local, state, and national leaders.

Listen to GovLove »

GovTech Social

GovTech Social offers tactics and tools for leveraging social media in the public sector. Learn how to use social media to capture and convert your audience through this riveting podcast.

Listen to GovTech Social »

Workforce Central

The National Association for Workforce Boards President and CEO, Ron Painter, interviews public- and private- sector leaders in workforce development, education, business and economic development on key workforce issues and investment strategies.

Listen to Workforce Central »

There are multiple podcasts found on the iTunes library that would benefit government employees. Check out the full list here.

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