10 Rules of Tech-etiquette

It is great to come across a post that reminds me about the need to balance the constantly connected world with the manners my mother taught me. I am not perfect on this front, trust me, but it is an area I preach to others and an area I am constantly working on myself. Geoffrey Webb had a great post today that highlights many of the traps we all fall into and it’s worth reading as a reminder.

10 Rules of Tech-etiquette I had the privilege of being ignored the other day. I walked into a firm’s reception area to find the receptionist talking into her headset and rustling through papers. No problem, I thought. I’m early for my appointment, I’ll just wait. She said her goodbyes and immediately switched to typing furiously into her computer. I’ve been there, I thought. She just finished with that call and has to record something before she forgets it. So I waited. A … Read More

via Geoffrey Webb

Are you unconvinced? Share this article with your boss, your coworkers, your clients, and ask them how they feel about these habits. If you were not convinced before, their answers should do the trick.

Keep pushing the envelope everyone! Just remember that there are real people on the other end of that telephone, e-mail, and tweet. If you remember that, you will do fine.


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