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2011 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

The 2011 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference will be held 1-5 May 2011 at the COBO at Detroit Michigan. This is always an exciting event for technologists enthused about continued improvement of mission capabilities. The conference is focused on the mission of the US DoD intelligence enterprise, but the many topics tackled at the event are of interest to technologists from a wide range of enterprises.

For more see the official conference site at: http://www.ncsi.com/dodiis11/index.html

Here is some more info from the site:

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) announces the 2011 Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference!

Hosted annually by the DIA Directorate for Information Management (DS) and Chief Information Officer, DoDIIS Worldwide provides a unique opportunity for defense intelligence community members and industry peers to come together for knowledge sharing, training and discussion of current and future information technology (IT) challenges and requirements.

The conference’s 2011 theme, Secure and Collaborative Intelligence in Defense of the Nation, highlights the DIA Chief Information Officer’s commitment to developing and maintaining secure and reliable networks for Department of Defense personnel, services and information technology customers. Through partnerships and collaboration, the intelligence community facilitates the secure collection, analysis and presentation of actionable intelligence to warfighters and decision makers in a timely, comprehensive manner.

DoDIIS Worldwide Conference will attract more than 3,000 participants including 400+ exhibits from across the globe as well as expert speakers, interactive training sessions and daily networking opportunities.

We will be posting some additional context on the event in the coming days, and during DoDIIS will be blogging on some of the ongoing activities. We will also keep our twitter feed up at http://twitter.com/ctovision Please connect there and stay in touch.

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