2015 Resolution DO-OVER

featuredblog-01POINT– Now that we are in the first week of January, everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions. After a quick scan of the most commonly repeated goals, most aim for (a) self-progression, (b) self-promotion, and (c) self-gain. I have not found a single resolution that goes beyond “SELF”.

Resolution CoasterADVICE– An old Chinese proverb says, “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody else.”

We create resolutions because we want to live happier lives. Some of us never even accomplish our list; we just create it out of tradition. Try giving one career resolutions a makeover.

1. Share– We all want to make more money. While you achieve that goal, reach back and share your career resources with someone who wishes to be where you are.

2. Educate– Take time to spread the knowledge you learn to someone who can benefit from it. Don’t keep all the good information to yourself.  You are  more valuable when you are the person developing people in your office.

3. Lead– Who said you need a title to be a leader. If your organization will not promote you fast enough, show them what they are missing. Take the lead on an innovative project that will save your agency money. That will get the big-wigs dancing to your tune.

4. Fine-tune– If you hate your job, it’s probably because you dislike the culture, or you are completely bored with the work. Find ways to align your passion with your current position until a new opportunity arises. Start a professional club or pact that will work to change the culture of your organization.

CHALLENGE– Commit the next seven days to converting one of your 2015 resolutions to a goal that will benefit someone else. Post a comment about which resolution you will DO-OVER this year.

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Hi Crystal.Thank you for articulating this narrative so well!. As an educator, I believe that every one has the opportunity to provide teachable moments. I make an effort each day to reach back. The work I do enables me to do that. Thanks for reiterating what I already believe in.