2nd Year MPA 2nd Week of Class

I have found that thing that I’m get immediately passionate about. And this thing makes me want to throw large objects through glass windows, it makes me want to punch people, it makes me want to scream and it makes me want to act to change the world.

This thing is American Housing Policy. I’m in a Housing and Public Policy this semester and on Monday we watched a short film on the top ten influences on housing policy in the 20th century and the top ten influences on housing policy in the 21st century and I was amazed at the racist, segregationist past of housing policy. I was amazed at how policy that was set 50 ago still affects folks in cities and suburbs today. And I am outraged.

I have to write a Master’s Thesis this year so I can graduate, and I am all over how to reverse the backward, stupid housing policies that have screwed us to where we are now.

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Thanks for posting Monica. It is good to be passionate. We need it to make change. Hopefully, you’ll come to the feds after school and try to make change from the inside. It can be frustrating but very rewarding at the same time.