The opportunities are out there!

From a big city to a small town, from a poor family with limited resources to gaining a university degree and fighting to achieve higher education, I believe that my experiences and the opportunities I was given throughout my educational career has changed my life.

In the summer of 2007, I obtained my first professional experience, one that changed my life. Previous to that summer, I had never though about working in the government nor did I ever consider Washington, DC a place to live and work, but this all changed when I stepped into the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. There as an intern I was able to gain government experience and I was also given the opportunity to see what the nation’s capital had to offer. After ten weeks, I realized that my thoughts on a career that will allow me to fulfill my dreams lied within the government for there I would be able to represent the minority, implement changes that affect the nation, assist in health research, and develop as a professional.

With this in mind, but not yet completely convinced, I went home and sought another internship in the private sector. During my five months in the private sector, I gained knowledgeable experience in areas that were relevant to my education and career goals. There I was also able to make changes, assist the implementation and creation of medical devices sold all over the world, but still I needed to jump start my career after I graduated from the university and what better place to do it than the nation’s capital, a place full of opportunities.

So, I came back to Maryland, for another summer internship with the National Institutes of Health, but this time I was able to work with a different focus as I assisted the administration process and attended trainings that were very beneficial to what is now my career. Today, I am an Auditor for the Defense Contracts Audit Agency, where I am interested in gaining a professional experience and the opportunity to help prevent fraud, waste and abuse of governmental funds, as my job here is to safe guard taxpayers money.

All these wonderful experiences and an exceptional career that I have never though of in the past, especially not for me, a young girl, who grew up in a place with limited opportunities and resources, but slowly I realized that my determination and will power had lead me to achieving what I once though was impossible. I hope that my story will lead others to believe that everything in life is possible and determination can bring you a long way.

How many others are out there? Who want to make a change, but don’t know how to take the first step? I know I was there, just a year ago, but today I feel that I can change the world, you can do it too!


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What a wonderful story! I think the gov’t is a great place to make change from the inside. Important issues, important work. And change is possible.