3 Tips: Great Advice from My Mentors


When speaking to a group last week, I was asked to share the best advice that I’ve received from mentors. Here is what I shared . . .

  1. Focus on asking the right question instead of having the right answer. A mentor told me this very early on in my career and it has stuck with me. For me, asking the right question helps create buy-in from those in the room because they ultimately have the answer; they just needed the right question to help them get there. If I ever feel the urge to tell someone what to do, I try to phrase my thought as a question. Often, their response is even better than my original idea. Make a concerted effort this week to practice asking more questions than giving more answers.
  2. Join a nonprofit board. One of my colleagues once said that if I wanted to be anyone in my community, I needed to be serving on nonprofit boards. So I joined an organization called Young Leaders Council that trained me to serve on nonprofit boards (check with United Way or an organization that serves nonprofits in your community to find a similar program). Now I have served on multiple boards in California and Tennessee, allowing me to gain advanced financial oversight, strategic planning and governance knowledge. I also developed critical relationships with community leaders and gained insight into the issues affecting my community and potential solutions.
  3. Nothing good happens after midnight. When I first started working, a boss told me that nothing good ever happens after midnight. She said that if I am ever at a work event or dinner, that I should always excuse myself and be home and in bed by midnight. I called it my “Cinderella curfew.” While the thought of staying up past ten makes me tired nowadays, it served me well in my 20s when a good portion of my job included evening networking.What is the best advice that you’ve received from a mentor?

What is the best advice you’ve received from a mentor?

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