3rd Infantry Division Adds Battlefield Medical Recording System to Stateside Aid Stations

Big news out of Fort Stewart, where the 3rd Infantry Division, led by LTC Edward Michaud, is taking a proactive approach to fixing a problem that continues to exists for battalion aid station clinics in the U.S. He’s using MC4, a traditionally battlefield-only electronic medical record (EMR) system to get his clinical staff used to chart medical care electronically.

It (MC4) is the same system the medical forces will use when they deploy so this effort kills two birds with one stone – 1) connectivity issues for smaller clinics without access to AHLTA and 2) the start of a “train as you fight” model for using the MC4 system at home before using the system abroad.

Complete story at https://www.mc4.army.mil/mc4newsletter/2009_4/feature_story.asp.

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