5 Ways to Be More Active at a Sedentary Job


Many of us have a job where we sit at our desks in front of our computers. Ever feel like you spend way too much time sitting on your bottom and not enough time up and about?

There are many simple ways to add activity into your daily work routine. Keep reading for five ways to stay active even at a desk job!

  1. Take the stairs
    Skip the elevator or escalator and take the stairs. Oftentimes, it’s faster than waiting for the elevator! If you work on one of the higher floors in the building and it is difficult to climb, start by taking a few flights up and increase slowly until you can go the whole way in one go.
  2. Walk instead of email/call
    If you are working in physical proximity to your co-workers, why not talk face to face instead of shooting off that e-mail or picking up the phone? Even a few moments of movement is good when you spend a long time being sedentary. Additionally, speaking in person is a much richer form of communication and can carry more information and decrease chances of confusion.
  3. Work standing up
    Ask your employer to exchange your sitting desk with a standing desk. If that is not an option, simply find a way to heighten your workstation. You can stick your computer on top of something hard and stable and you will be forced to work standing up instead of sitting down. You will reduce your sedentary time and you will burn easy calories from this simple change.
  4. Cycle or walk to work
    Take a nice stroll or bicycle ride to work (remember to wear a helmet!). You may find yourself coming to work feeling more energized and ready for the day. If you do not live within cycling or walking distance, get off the bus a few stops early, or if you drive, park farther away and walk the rest of the way to work.
  5. Stretch
    It is great to interrupt long periods of sitting with movement, even if it is brief. Throughout your day, take some time to stretch at your desk. There are various simple yoga poses you can do that can make you feel good, release tension, and get back to work feeling more comfortable and relaxed. If you do not mind co-workers looking, stand up do some standing or moving stretches.

Bonus: Check out this link “How to Office Yoga” for various excellent stretches and yoga poses!

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Mohammad Almajdei

These are very good tips! My job requires me to set in front of computer screen some times; and now I finally found more than a way to exercise behind my desk??


Excellent tips. I really like the tip on walking over instead of a call or email. I will try that starting tomorrow! Great article.


Those five tips are really helpful! Recently I spend too much time sitting in front of my computer actually.. Should try to start these activities!

Joan C. Smith

Nice article and great reminder. I’m not able to do the standing desk, however, I will take measures to walk. I use to put reminders in my Outlook calendar–now I’ll go back to doing that thanks for these reminders! 🙂