7 Simple Acts of Kindness for a Better Workplace


We know a workplace culture of kindness has the power to make our daily grind more meaningful and effective. But how do we get there? Here are some simple, practical ways we can show kindness to our colleagues and begin this ripple effect we all want to see at work.

Below are seven examples of simple acts of kindness to try. This list was inspired by Christine Porath’s excellent book Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace.

  1. Share a smile

Whether you’re passing someone in the hall, greeting a colleague on a Monday morning or leading a group meeting, it’s a simple way to convey warmth and acknowledgement to others.

  1. Share resources

Give of the time, tools, knowledge and connections you have at our disposal. You’ll build relationships and assist those around you which makes collaboration stronger.

  1. Share recognition

Look for ways to give credit to everyone who helped you earn any kind of recognition. Help others shine by appreciating their contributions. You’ll see their motivation soar.

  1. Share gratitude

Make an extra effort to thank your colleagues genuinely, specifically, and timely. Bonus if you share your thanks in writing!

  1. Share your perspective

Gently and specifically share feedback, especially if it’s about performance. Acknowledge the person’s feelings and explain the reasons for giving feedback with a focus on future behavior. How can they do better next time?

  1. Share purpose

As often as possible, gather positive stories from the people your team serves. This can show the impact of the work you do. Be inspired by the service you provide every day.

  1. Share commitment

Invest care and attention in the work you do, and in the people you work with. Adopt a mindset of kindness and giving and notice any opportunity to practice these simple acts.

Which of these do you already practice? Which would you be willing to try this week? What would you add to this list?

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