7 Things I Learned from My First Promotion

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to identify my organization’s needs and develop a tactical approach to implementing change. My reward was a promotion that allowed me to think strategically and creatively in different ways that help to support the mission.

Some people approach promotions differently. They are either highly engaged in their next adventure, so caught up in the hype they forget to share with others, or can be skeptical of leaving what they’ve already known or have issues adjusting to a new role that leverages their abilities.

A promotion is a great journey when you are willing to visualize the big picture. What are you looking to get out of your next promotion? Check out the tips below.

Here are seven things I learned from my first promotion:

  1. Be fearless and creative: Take time to check your organization’s strategic plan to generate new ideas. Then be like Nike and just do it.
  1. Leverage good project management: Be willing to work with others to create a realistic project timeline that everyone on the team can support and that takes into account that the team may have other work priorities.
  1. Do not use an “auto pilot” approach to your work: Sometimes we just do the work to “get it done” and miss an opportunity to check for quality and conciseness. Take the time to use a fresh perspective and approach your work by leveraging clarity. You may learn something new along the way.
  1. Meet new people inside and outside of the organization: Redefine your definition of the word team by getting away from your desk and introduce yourself to people outside of your immediate team structure.
  1. Learn new skills: The goal is to try new skills that will force you to exercise your brain and creativity more often.
  1. Do not listen to what others say about your peers: Avoid getting caught up in the “gossip-loop.”
  1. Take your leadership role seriously: Be a strategic, task-oriented leader who appreciates the hard work and dedication of the staff.

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