A Passion Project to Renew Our Enthusiasm – your vote needed

I’m hoping that my fellow GovLoopers can help a Govie out. I need your help to spread the awesome! I could use your vote – especially if you live in DC – for a side project I submitted to the GOOD Maker 30 day Challenge – a DC Passion Project. Voting closes this Thursday and this weekend, I’ve been hovering around 10th place.

The challenge is for a project that will connect with other people. The winner gets a $500 grant. My project, a DC Passion Project will be a day long gathering where people can share their passions with others, hear success stories, and connect in ways both expected and unexpected. It’s about building, supporting and harnessing that natural renewable energy that is enthusiasm. In today’s climate, we need to renew each others’ enthusiasm. And I know there are lots of passionate folks here on GovLoop.

How did my project come about? Earlier this year, I started a Passion Project that I call “Renewable Enthusiasm.” At its heart is this quote:

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

-Howard Thurman

Last February, we had a meeting for those who are looking to find, follow, live and sustain their passion – not unlike a book club. In May, we had a fundraiser for the speaker who shared his journey with us (a singer songwriter from Eddie From Ohio, who now has his own non-profit, One Voice). You can see the quick YouTube video promo for the fundraiser here: http://bit.ly/nNpxIs

My GOOD Maker challenge submission is about continuing this project, because what the world needs right now is for more people to come alive.

If you find this compelling, vote for me: http://makerchallenge.maker.good.is/projects/dcpassionproject.

Thanks for your support! Keep up the awesome!

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