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A Video About DIYcity for FutureEverything

Is it me, or does it suddenly seem like everyone is so busy that they hardly have time to return each others’ email, let alone get together for coffee to discuss how to take over the world? (Or save the world, or disrupt the world, or just have coffee).

That’s definitely been me and the people I know over the past two weeks (since I last posted here).

Anyway, here’s a video I put together last week with Celina Alvarado about DIYcity, for the FutureEverything Festival, happening this week in Manchester, UK. DIYcity is a finalist in the competition for the FutureEverything Award along with two other projects. The award is given each year for “outstanding achievement for innovation in art, society & technology” and for projects that “help to bring the future into the present.”

Celina shot this, edited it, and got it off to the festival in about 24 hours. She did an amazing job.

And video conveys the idea so much better than text – why haven’t I been doing it all along? I’m going to start doing more of it, for sure.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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