A Week to Recognize All Government Workers

Familiar with it? You know, the time set aside each year to honor the men and women who serve the US as federal, state and local government employees. I’m talking about Public Service Recognition Week which is celebrated the first Monday through Sunday in May. If you’re not so familiar with it, Public Service Recognition week not only recognizes what employees do on the job, but educates the public about your Department.

I’m curious to know what sort of events take place at your workplace to honor your employees, as well as any promotions, advertising, or events you provide to the public to spread the word about what your Department or Agency does.

I’ve been on the official website, and they don’t yet have their 2009 materials posted yet. Which leads me to another question: Due to our current economy, how might your 2009 Public Service Recognition Week events and promotions be affected or scaled down?

Nevertheless, keep the week on your calendar — it’s May 4–10, 2009!

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Thanks for the information! I was just reading the March 2009 issue of the American Society for Public Administration’s PA Times, and there on Page 9 of their International Supplement under the 2009 National & International Conference Listings, they list http://www.excelgov.org

Allen Sheaprd


Um, twenty years in the biz as either contractor or employee and this is the first I’ve heard of it.

“Celebrated since 1985 the first Monday through Sunday in May, Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW)”
“This year, the Partnership and the Public Employees Roundtable will host the National Mall event May 7-10, 2009 between 4th and 7th Sts.”

“During the four-day celebration, attendees will see government programs in action. Kids can meet NASA astronauts, climb aboard an F-16 fighter, or take home free educational buttons, coloring posters and maps and puzzles. Adults can search online for jobs, check their credit report, receive free health screenings and learn about emergency preparedness.”

Wow – emergency preparedness as a highlight of ‘Public Service Recognition Week’ ! Actually emergency prep is very important for “those who are prepared suffer far less than those who are not”

Actually – thank you