“Above the Cloud” – A Message from CEO Tim Garcia

What Makes Jetstream Unique

When I founded Apptricity, it was with one major guiding premise, “the business should run the software, not the other way around.” We continue in this way for all our development and all the solutions that we create. This month, I am focusing on the idea behind our Jetstream platform, particularly what it means to us and our customers.

Jet streams are fast-flowing, narrow air currents found in the atmosphere. Flight times can be altered drastically by either flying with or against the flow of a jet stream. We believed this was a good description of what Apptricity could bring to the table for enterprises and organizations in terms of process efficiency and optimization. On the surface, Jetstream represents the flow intrinsic in all of Apptricity’s business process automation solutions: empowering organizations with the tools to reach their goals faster. So while the metaphor behind the Jetstream name is likely obvious, it means much more to us. The connection with actual jet streams is not as important as how that efficiency and optimization is achieved., it’s the innate benefits created by Jetstream that gives Apptricity the upper hand in the enterprise software space as the leading innovator.

Apptricity launched with the idea that simplicity is the key to the best design. We focused on eliminating all of the snags and roadblocks that traditional enterprise applications are plagued with, including issues with integration, migration and customization. We offered a true solution for automating financial and supply chain management processes so companies wouldn’t have to adapt their processes to work inside the application. As we evolved, we added more valuable functionality to our products, allowing us to reach a wider audience and expand our benefits.

Jetstream is a collection of enterprise software solutions that allows companies to automate financial and supply chain operations. Within Jetstream, there are three key product suites: e-Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Financial Productivity. With Jetstream, companies can mix and match any number of products from within those three suites. Every one of Apptricity’s solutions is built on the same platform, resulting in a consistent user experience and seamless communication between multiple modules.

The Jetstream platform also delivers what we refer to as “The 4 Tenets of Apptricity Solution Development:” solutions that are highly adaptable and configurable while providing superior integration and minimal cost migration. Our applications are 100% compatible with each other as well as any other external data sources or software solutions currently used by your organization, while retaining the flexibility of being deployed on-premise or in the cloud, a fairly uncommon feature, especially in the supply chain management space.

Apptricity’s goal is to provide organizations with enterprise technology that will strengthen and improve operational processes and empower them to achieve their own goals. Jetstream values will extend as we continue to add to the list of point solutions provided. Organizations are looking to solve a very specific problem, such as asset tracking or fleet management, and Jetstream is there. There’s tremendous value in not having to worry about an application’s compatibility with existing or future infrastructure and systems. Our commitment to superior automation of business processes combined with streamlined risk in both implementation and obsolescence will create lasting value. Our purpose is to provide sustainable and evolving tools for organizations to achieve their destiny.

Apptricity is the provider of the Jetstream suite of e-Procurement, Financial Productivity and Supply Chain Management solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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