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Migrating to the Cloud

“The cloud.” It seems like some mysterious location that either floats above us or hangs over our heads, depending on how you look at it. What is the cloud? What are the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to cloud-based solutions? People refer to the cloud as if you should be able to find it viaRead… Read more »

Why Government Uses Open Bid Processes

For most purchasing professionals in the public sector, solicitations and open bid processes are “just the way things have always been done.” Open solicitations are a way for governments to protect themselves, ensure transparency, show good stewardship of public funds and give the best value for monies spent. There is also a trickle-up benefit toRead… Read more »

Greening the Government: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing for State and Local Governments

If you work for a state or local government agency, you may find it hard to believe that the US Federal government went green before it was hip. The signing of Executive Order 12873 in 1993 marked the launch of the EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EPP). While procurement for smaller governments can be aRead… Read more »

Game Changer; Pricing Revealed On Anything Purchased By Government

There are ways to learn who is buying what from whom for how much, when, and where, and this information is now available in just one database, for the public to use. You can now make smarter purchases, or on the flip side, sell more to the government. Here’s an example of just one solutionRead… Read more »

European Commission Backs Mandatory Invoice Management Automation

Discussions about invoice management and e-procurement system upgrades are circulating across-the-pond conference rooms this week as the European Commission closes out its consultation on e-invoicing in public procurement. With the European Parliament mandating e-invoicing by 2016 and the European Digital Agenda’s dictate that electronic and paper invoices will be treated equally as of January 2013,Read… Read more »

e-Procurement: Wal-Mart’s Domestic Procurement Plan Bodes Well for American Manufacturing

It’s impossible to find a bigger retail giant than Wal-Mart. Without question, the chain is a mainstay across the United States, with a supercenter on almost every street corner. Americans love a good deal and, more often than not, they turn to their local Wal-Mart store for just that – to the tune of $444Read… Read more »

Study: Procurement Non-compliance Continues to Lag

Noted business analyst Andrew Bartolini recently released his annual report on the effectiveness of procurement organizations. The results, as they have pretty much every year, showed continued cause for concern. They also offer another compelling case for automated e-procurement solutions. The bottom line: Bartolini’s survey of nearly 270 procurement leaders found just 62 percent ofRead… Read more »

Ecuador Mandates Transition to Electronic Invoice Management

Though Europe has led the charge toward mandating electronic invoice management for private and public organizations, e-invoicing has been gaining rapid ground in South America as well. Ecuador has now joined the ranks of countries looking to cut costs and improve services through implementation of an electronic invoice management system, following a pilot program whichRead… Read more »

E-Procurement: 3 Reasons Your Paper-Based Procurement Can’t Compete

Whether due to natural disasters, government regulations or economic pressures, sourcing has become a hotter topic than ever. Retail and restaurants, in particular, are under pressure to source intelligently while minimizing unnecessary costs, something that can be tough to do without adhering to modern best practices and using currently available technology, such as purchasing software.Read… Read more »