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Reno, Nevada Leads with GIS to Meet Growing Population and Business Needs

When the city of Reno launched initiatives to expand its economy and offset pandemic-related tourism declines, it relied on new technology: geographic information systems (GIS). Here’s what GIS do — and what lessons Reno has to share.

Enterprise Government: How the Next Administration Can Better Serve Citizens

In 2017, the next administration will set to work implementing the goals and priorities of the new President. Many of those priorities won’t line up neatly with the agency structure of the federal government, and achieving them will require that agencies work together as an “enterprise government” — collaborating and integrating programs and activities to… Read more »

Government: The Final Frontier?

Is cloud computing the next technological frontier? If it is, then enterprise cloud computing software companies like Box are like the equivalent of the USS Enterprise. Rather than exploring unknown boundaries of space, they push modern technological boundaries to reach new frontiers of business communication, sharing and collaboration. If cloud computing companies are the Enterprise,Read… Read more »

Risky Business: When Government Takes Calculated Risks

Flood insurance? Bank deposit insurance? Pension guarantees? Home loan guarantees? . . . No private sector business will take on some risks that the federal government agrees to bear on behalf of the broader society – at least not at an affordable price.   So government, by nature, oftentimes puts itself at financial or reputationalRead… Read more »

Creating Organizational Self-Defense

Why don’t agency top leaders know about significant management problems in their organizations before it is too late? So-called scandals seem to be more prevalent these days, ranging from seemingly dishonest reporting of telework hours at the Patent Office or veterans hospital access wait times, to the safety of CDC labs, to lavish conferences atRead… Read more »

10K OSD, 2K Southcom Emails Now in DISA’s Cloud

The Defense Information Systems Agency has migrated more than 10,000 staff email accounts in the Office of Secretary of Defense and 2,000 Southern Command users to the agency’s private, cloud-based email system. DISA intends for DOD Enterprise Email to eventually support more than 4.5 million users and the system currently has 1.4 million users, theRead… Read more »

DIA Office Issues Draft RFP for $6B Intell Services Contract

The office responsible for the Defense Intelligence Agency‘s contracting functions has released a draft request for proposals for a potential five-year, $6 billion contract covering information technology services for defense and intelligence agencies. Large and small businesses will be considered for the Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise program and teaming arrangements are beingRead… Read more »