Access to iTunes University

When you get into iTunes, go to the iTunes store and you will see iTunes U. Click and then search for the Defense Acquisition University. There you will find what we refer to as Living Library snippets (or chunks) of Lessons Learned from various ranking federal and civilian leaders (most of whom are transitioning).

I am always on the look out for more talent who has a lessons learned and what to get it to the people. If you go onto the www.DAU.mil site and access our AT&L Living Library or DAU video library there are webcasts and other Living Libraries you might find of interest.


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Allen Sheaprd


Thank you.
I have not used iTunes so the information helps.
Even though it is a .mil site, hopefuly I can get to DAU and the AT&L living library.

KC Carruthers

the DAU.mil site is not a blocked site so you should have no problem. There is a webcast from Dan Dunmire on Corrosion that you might find of interest. We dont put webcasts on iTunes due to the powerpoint slides they use.


We’re not permitted to use iTunes. I actually requested access to it for this very reason: iTunes U. In fact, we got an invitation to create an Ohio channel on iTunes U from another state agency which prompted my request (http://www.etech.ohio.gov/), but was still denied.