DARPA Wants to See Through Concrete Walls; What Will They Think of Next?

Let’s face it. DARPA is always on the bleeding-edge when it comes to developing advanced technologies for defense. Just when you think they have outdone themselves, they come up with something even more mind-blowing. DARPA’s latest foray is into developing technologies that actually see through concrete walls, meaning there is no place for insurgents to hide.

CNET broke this story today. The purpose of this new DARPA technology, called the Comprehensive Interior Reconnaissance program, is to negate the home field advantage of our enemies — allowing soldiers to look through concrete walls, providing a detailed picture of a building’s interior–right down to the fixtures. That is correct. Right down to the fixtures.

The proposed scanning system would allow for a clear view of an entire structure, including basements and infrastructure systems including electrical, plumbing, and ventilation — all accurate to within one yard. Another benefit to this technology is that soldiers can see if there are children and families inside the structures, minimizing any collateral damages, as well as providing the option to not “kick in doors.”

What do you all think about this technology? Certainly seems like a more sophisticated and targeted approach to urban war tactics abroad. We welcome your thoughts on this.

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D. Rizzo

Hi there,

This would be great tech for the good guys when confronting the bad guys & also for rescue personnel responding to emergencies for extrication etc. If you are interested in the good guys vs bad guys scenario & you’d like an adventure story that incorporates this tech then check out RAINBOW SIX by Tom Clancy. I love the Clancy books & I have had the great pleasure to meet & count as friends some public safety, military, intelligence & other Gov’t. personnel to whom I am eternally grateful for their sacrifices to protect the freedoms of people worldwide.

John 8:32
De Oppresso Liber