ADL’s Future Learning Experience Project

Today marks the first day of Advanced Distributed Learning’s (ADL’s) Future Learning Experience Project, a major new effort from ADL that returns our organization to its roots in Applied Research & Development in the learning technology space.

For those unfamiliar with what ADL is, it is an initiative out of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), under Personnel & Readiness (P&R). Signed into existence by President Bill Clinton in 1997, ADL has led the research and development of learning technology standards employed by the Department of Defense (DoD), the US Government, and in organizations and state institutions around the world.

The theme for this month is “Definition.” In other words, we intend to answer as many questions as we can about what the Future Learning Experience Project is, how it relates to other efforts that have happened in the recent past and concurrently, its origins, its scope and what is identified as critical for the effort to be a success.

You can expect that there will be a number of blog posts published that tackle the pedagogy of learning experiences, how the project relates to several other efforts within and outside of the government space, as well as summaries (and reminders) of meetings and online chats related to the Future Learning Experience Project.

What of those online chats and meetings?

There are three occurring in January:

  • Thursday, January 13, 11:30am ET & 8:30pm ET, a #lrnchat will be focused on working with learning technology standards. #lrnchat is an online chat over the social messaging service Twitter that happens twice every Thursday, due to its popularity in the US and overseas. Follow @lrnchat for more information.
  • Wednesday, January 19, 2:00pm ET, there will be a Department of Defense ADL (DADL) Working Group meeting focused on the Future Learning Experience Project.
  • Tuesday, January 25, 11:30am ET, a first #ADLchat will be occur on Twitter. In a similar format to #lrnchat, this live chat will focus on ADL-specific topics and allow time for your questions to be addressed in real-time by the ADL team. Follow @lrnEXP for details.

Do you have questions or comments?

We have discussion groups, mailing lists and public forums available to you in a variety of services. Click here to find out how to get answers and get involved.

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