On March 24th I will be meeting with WA State Reps to discuss funding cutbacks for DSHS programs. I have a few tools to study, but welcome any suggestions for lobbying in short time spans.

Margi Kenny

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Allen Sheaprd


Hi. Here are some tips from an unlikely source Sun Tzu – “The Art of War” Take the moral high ground and others will come to your defense. Push the moral or ethical responsibilites. Push how the politicians worked hard and spent other peoples donations to get this job even though the descisions are tough.

“Feign ignorace to use their arrogance” In having them explain their position you learn where their weak spots are befor tripping them up with them. Margi please remeber rue 1 – moral high ground. Never sell out on that.

I hope this helps. Good work never comes back to haunt you.

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