America—Obama’s New Blog?

Note: This post is of my own personal opinion and is not endorsed or supported by any local, state, or federal government agency.

I read a lot of news and scan quite a bit of articles. Since Obama took The Oath, we’ve seen him begin major initiatives, reverse policies of the previous Administration, write new policies, etc. In his couple months as the 44th President, he’s does quite a bit…written a lot into the history books. But does anyone wonder if America is Obama’s personal blog?

Let me say right up front, I’m not really a “political person” in the sense that most people are familiar with. I’m not the type of person that interjects my political viewpoints on people that don’t want to hear them. Even if someones who thinks the same way I do, I’m still hesitant. In fact I do believe Obama will be good for America.

But, what do I mean by his personal blog? For those of you who follow social media (SM), you’ll know that when you first start a blog you need to post a lot, and fast. Several posts a day, every day, for a couple weeks. You do this to help build a quick following, to help get the word out about your blog so other sites will link to it, subscribe to it. Doing that raises your blog’s “buzz” with the different search engines. You can quickly build a fan base of loyal subscribers. Then as your blog is doing well you can begin to slow your quantity of posts and focus more so on the quality. Building up a buzz and keeping those subscribers tuned in, while still generating more attention with quality content.

Do you think Obama is doing the same with America? His first 100 days are turning out to be filled with frequent moves, new initiatives. His generating a lot of buzz. His capturing America’s attention. You could say he’s applying basic SM practices and Americans are the subscribers. But do you think he’ll continue this same push? He’s setting a high expectation for his Administration. But will he begin to slow down after his 100 days, after he’s been indexed by America? Will he continue with major initiatives but spread out over a longer period of time?

What are your thoughts? Is America Obama’s new personal blog? Sound off.

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Marilyn Clark

I think it’s a great analogy, Scott. I don’t know whether I’m suffering from overwhelming optimism on the prospect of change, but I think that all of the momentum that’s been building since the “go-live” date will continue beyond the 100 days. While President Obama is a politician, I feel like I need to have faith that this is real, genuine change.

To continue the analogy, is the discourse in traditional media the commentary, or is it the posing of questions like yours the commentary? Although social media has been around for a while, we’re on the eve of it being the “norm” in government, allowing citizens to have even more of a voice than they have had before. The first 100 days are just scraping the surface of things to come. I really just have to believe that.