April Event at Harvard K School: “Leadership for a Networked World: Innovation through IT for Senior Leaders in Government”

For those with an interest: At Harvard K School, April 14-16, 2009. Come join Jerry Mechling, Steve Kelman, Nicholas Negroponte, Jeff Frankel, Calestous Juma, Bob Behn and other Harvard faculty for a classic Executive Education event. See the full description and tuitions here:

“Public leaders and institutions play a critical role in society’s most important and difficult problems: defense, physical and economic security, social harmony, and legitimacy in resolving controversial issues of governance. While they typically spend most of their time using existing authority to manage previously developed routines, their most critical choices involve innovation: developing new ways to create value, often in response to newly emerging needs.The Leadership for a Networked World (LNW) program Innovation through IT for Senior Leaders in Government helps leaders navigate the challenges and opportunities raised by digital information and networks….”

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Ari Herzog

Interesting. The tuition is too expensive for me to attend, but as I’m in the area, Zach, I’d be interested in a panel opportunity. Who would I contact, or is it too late?