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Is There a National Security Crisis in US K-12 Education?

Last month the Council on Foreign Relations published a report co-authored by Joel I. Klein and Condoleezza Rice, titled, “U.S. Education Reform and National Security.” The report sounded a call to arms from its opening sentence. “It will come as no surprise to most readers,” Klein and Rice wrote, “that America’s primary and secondary schoolsRead… Read more »

Through Jan 10, GoodReads is giving away 5 pre-pub. copies of “Collaborate or Perish!”, my new book with NYPD/LAPD’s Bill Bratton (Random House/Crown)

Be the first to write a review! Head to GoodReads, signup for the Jan. 10 giveaway. On Jan 17, the book hits the bookstores, filled with terrific stories – VISA, Wells Fargo, Nokia…educators, warriors, and cops. “It’s a brilliant guide,” said Prof. Rene Mauborgne, co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy, “replete with sound practical insight intoRead… Read more »

Bill Bratton and Zach Tumin: The New “Collabonomics” of Disaster Management

Last week’s New England snowmeggadon showed us how far social media has come in making collaboration across the boundaries of government and citizens easy. And it offered stark contrast between those who get it and use it, and those who don’t. Social media and the digital devices that connect us change the collabonomics of disasterRead… Read more »

A new Harvard Kennedy School report is up: “From Government 2.0 to Society 2.0: Pathways to Engagement, Collaboration, and Transformation”

From the report, by Zachary Tumin with Archon Fung: “Today, the global recession — coupled with changes such as the retirement of the post-World War II generation, the emergence of millennials, new waves of interactive communications technology, and low-cost collaboration platforms — is sparking a next wave of citizen engagement, reform of government, and theRead… Read more »

New Report from Harvard Kennedy School: “UNMANNED AND ROBOTIC WARFARE: Issues, Options, And Futures.”

From the Report: “We stand today on the cusp of a revolution in warfare. Unmanned and robotic warfare has taken its first steps and will soon assume a prominent, if not dominant, position in the doctrine, strategy and tactics of the United States military. We are not alone… “As the United States has gained extraordinaryRead… Read more »

April Event at Harvard K School: “Leadership for a Networked World: Innovation through IT for Senior Leaders in Government”

For those with an interest: At Harvard K School, April 14-16, 2009. Come join Jerry Mechling, Steve Kelman, Nicholas Negroponte, Jeff Frankel, Calestous Juma, Bob Behn and other Harvard faculty for a classic Executive Education event. See the full description and tuitions here: “Public leaders and institutions play a critical role in society’s most importantRead… Read more »