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Geeks or g33ks leading social media way? Web site explains a new USB attachable processor for reading lights, switches and sensors while controlling motors, LEDs and speakers. Web site : http://www.arduino.cc/ Not news worthy per se for people at large.

Why blog about geek toys? Its what social media can learn. They have open source, wikis, twitter, embedded armature videos and an easy to navigate web page. Here armature videos make the whole process more friendly. More one-on-one instead of fancy impersonal company to the consumer.

Government can do the same. Blogs even videos by employees to the citizens. Schools do it. Principal or others get on TV channel to make big announcements. To have a pleasent presence. It might just be a leasson for all.

Draw back is the government must all look presentable and neutral. However this does not mean they can not spin off a non governmental PR branch.

Note: the site is listed as

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