Are surveys really useful?

I scan the title of Govloop entries an click on those that tickle my interest. It seems as more than a few of these entries are surveys seeking opinions and views on a focused topic.

I also get unsolicited surveys in email. Someone gave considerable tought to developing the survey instrument, selecting just the right colors, fonts, pictures, and (oh yeah) words to elicit a response. They may even throw in a chance to win a vacation for two to Fargo. Surveys received through work are included in the unsolicited category. I did not ask to receive them. Yet I feel as if someone is following me around the office with reminder emails until I complete it.

Point is, I rarely respond unless I am equally passionate or opinionated about the topic. It amazes me that a chance to win an IPAD or gift card is not motivation enough for me to respond to the survey.

If the only respondents ar those that are equally opinionated on the topic or people that had to be coerced into responding, is the survey useful?

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