Are you a Citizen 2.0 or Patriot 2.0?

Last week on ZDNet I was honored to have a guest editorial on their site on the future of Government 2.0. And now with twitter playing a big part of the information gleaned from the Mumbai terrorist attacks, we must acknowledge how web 2.0 will be a player in news and information beyond the bleeding edge folks who use it.

Each generation in United States Government has created an internal revolution. From the Pony Express and telegrams, to typewriters and carbon paper, to computers and email. Now we are in the middle of yet another technological revolution: Social Media in Government or the more common moniker, Government 2.0

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Adriel Hampton

Good stuff, Andrea. I would fall into Citizen 2.0, with a burning desire to bring more of my neighbors into that category.

Andrea Baker

Thank you for reading and responding. I definitely think you are a citizen 2.0. I am very aware many in our country dont have a computer or internet access and would balk at the idea of a smartphone. But as big cities and big tech push forward, this will trickle down to main street USA.

Paulette Neal-Allen

Andrea – my first thought was that the Government 2.0 Revolution won’t be televised, it will be YouTube-d. : -)

I’d like to say I fall into the Citizen 2.0 community, but I have to confess that I spend a lot more effort on home and church activities than I do on specific activism. Maybe if, as Adriel has said in the past, it were easier to do from my laptop whilst I sit in my comfy chair after a long day…

Andrea Baker

It will be televised, then youtubed, then tweeted. Its all about being more transparent to the entire country, not just the geeks or those with internet.

Ryan Owens

Great article! Lump me into the Citizen-Patroit 2.0 category. I’m desperately trying to “fight for bureaucratic change of the archaic processes and vicissitude” (great line by the way). But I’m empowered by the fact that I have a vehicle to have my voice heard a s a citizen.


I have to agree with Ryan — I am both a Citizen and Patriot 2.0. While most of my activities fall into the Citizen category, and while I am occasionally driven to exhaustion by trying to change the archaic processes, I try to take every opportunity I can to be an agent of change in my job. Can I convince someone to streamline? To go green? To better utilize technology (that’s a lost cause with the forest service, for the most part).

I have to say, though, that I’m pretty old-school with all this techno stuff. GovLoop is really my first foray into the world of social networking. I kick it old school w/ my TV (not YouTube), and I am still trying to figure out what exactly Twitter is.

By whatever means arise, I fight the good fight for transparency, accountability, public service, and just generally doing the right thing! Power to the people, 2.0 or otherwise!

Allen Sheaprd

Patriot 2.0. If not defending the country – make it a country worth defending, worth fighting for. Yes that does mean getting rid problems and obsticals.
In my opinion it also means saying thank you. Thank you to US Dept of HHS, NASA, GoveLoop and Dept of Ed for opening the doors back up to the people. While DC is looking becomming more “off limits” the access and flow of ideas should not stop.
The government can be a force multiplyer by replicating what works on a national scale quickly. That would be a good thing. Having a country of the free with enough money to actualy enjoy it is worth fighting for.

“With all the new computers, internet and cameras may you have more freedom, privacy and security than our founding fathers could have imagined.” – Allen Shepeard