“Ask Your Government”: Web 2.0 facilitates dialog between Citizens and Federal agencies

Check out the new blog by Ed O’Keefe (washingtonpost.com) “Ask Your Government,” where U.S. citizens ask questions and Federal agencies have the opportunity to provide answers using video clips that are imbedded within the blog.

The NIST Weights and Measures Division and Metric Program were just featured http://voices.washingtonpost.com/federal-eye/2009/03/ask_your_government_when_will.html


The latest answer comes in response to a user-submitted question from “Ask Your Government” Google Moderator member Glassboro Frank who asks:

“One of responsibilities of the federal government is to “fix the Standard of Weights and Measures” and yet we now live with a hodgepodge mix of Imperial and metric units. When are we going to fully commit to becoming a metric country?”

Watch the answer in the video clip above (shot and produced by washingtonpost.com’s Emily Kotecki). Special thanks to Tina Butcher, Elizabeth Gentry, Carol Hockert and Ben Stein of the National Institute of Standards and Technology for their assistance in answering the question. For more information on the Metric system, visit www.nist.gov/metric or check out the links posted below after the jump.

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