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Implementing Organization Performance Measures – Best Practices

Measuring various aspects of your organization’s performance requires the transformation of data into useful “knowledge” for decision-making. Most organization’s find it relatively easy to measure financial performance as there are commonly accepted principles and reporting practices that everyone uses. Measuring other aspects of your organization so that the information can be used for effective decisionRead… Read more »

Measuring the Unobserved

Law enforcement has it tough when it comes time to measure their performance. Their effectiveness can’t be just measured on what is reported. After all, the goal of most law violators is to not be caught! So how can we measure what we can’t observe? Cracking the challenge of measuring unobserved behaviors – drug smuggling,Read… Read more »

Government and Performance Measures

Part of my current employment is to understand and appreciate the impact MAP 21 may have on transportation operations and especially how transportation operations relates to congestion (rather than capacity or toll). Pretty specific there. What’s not so specific is MAP 21. As a result, there is now a nationwide dialogue occurring about what theseRead… Read more »

The Future of Performance Management

I was at an AGA breakfast a few months ago and the point was raised that people in government had been talking about performance management for “some time”, with few results. It got me to thinking abut whether there is a future in performance management and what it might look like. A couple of publicationsRead… Read more »

Dispatches from the Personal Democracy Forum

As part of a Google fellowship that I received on behalf of Public Performance Systems, I spent the last two days at the Personal Democracy Forum up in New York. I’ll finish up our discussion on a Performance Management Framework in the next few days but I wanted to first report on a number ofRead… Read more »

A Public Sector Performance Management Methodology

Performance management and measurement have taken on a number of different meanings with regard to application in the public sector. In some cases it’s regarded strictly as data reporting and in others it takes on a more qualitative form. It may be useful to start a dialogue on coming up with an actionable, consolidated setRead… Read more »

“Ask Your Government”: Web 2.0 facilitates dialog between Citizens and Federal agencies

Check out the new blog by Ed O’Keefe ( “Ask Your Government,” where U.S. citizens ask questions and Federal agencies have the opportunity to provide answers using video clips that are imbedded within the blog. The NIST Weights and Measures Division and Metric Program were just featured Excerpt: The latest answer comes in responseRead… Read more »