Why Athletes Make the Best Employees

It is a vicious, cut throat, dog eat dog world as the federal landscape is reshaped into a smaller, leaner and more efficient government service provider. A new kind of employee will be needed to survive this competitive jungle as the new administrative state asks its federal tenants to validate their existence with an answer to the question “what have you done for me lately.”

Bonnie Crater, Chief Executive Office of Full Circle Insights, an organization which helps firms with their marketing challenges claims that the best kind of employees are former athletes who bring that “never say die attitude” to their work. They are the best suited workers to navigate the uncharted waters of draining the swamp.

Crater claims athletes have the following traits that ensure spirited workplaces and harmonious teams:

They Are Coachable
Athletes are often not big headed. They know they do not know everything. They are at ease with receiving constructive feedback and they understand they are still a work in process.

They Can Handle Rejection
At some point in their careers, athletes have been taken out the game and placed on the bench. They understand the self-sacrifice it takes to put their personal interests second to the aims of the team.

They Know How to Win
Athletes understand that successful organizations keep score. Their eyes are constantly focused on the prize. For them happiness is defined by outputs not inputs. They are work horses as opposed to show horses.

They Make Great Coaches
They know what it is like to be coached, mentored and sponsored. They have been seasoned on the battlefield of competition oftentimes trained by the best in their business. This reservoir of experience spills over from their playing days into their working days.

They Are Excellent Teammates
They know what it feels like to be part of a winning effort that is bigger than them. They grasped the team concept that everyone has a role in the pursuit of excellence.

Looking for your next super star that can navigate the turbulent seas of the federal makeover? Check out the resumes of former athletes who have tasted the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. They may be the perfect teammate to have by your side when the reinvention of government delivers on the promise of making all us great again.

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