Attended Vivek Kundra speech, Tyson Ritz Hotel, 4/25/09

Overall I liked his view of citizen-centric services replacing the current approach of “webonizing the bureaucracy” and democratizing data to get results such as what happened when GPS was made publicly available for innovative uses. The new default position will definately be openness to the extent allowable by security constraints instead of walling off data by default.

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Rob Cimperman

He started off talking about how he was being interviewed for his first government job when the 9/11 attacks happened and he was told he was hired but needed to get to work right now, as the smoke rose from the pentagon out the window..
He said he is still evaluating whether to move forward with centers of excellence and how those would be managed. And he’s still looking at all aspects of measuring success. One notable quote I jotted down about that was “Does it really mean success if you’ve consolidated your systems and now EVERYONE is dissatisfied?”

Kathleen Smith

Yes his recount of his interview for an arlington public service position that started his public service career was very impactful. This was my second time this week to listen to Mr. Kundra speak and I was impressed wit the versatility and so we other people at our table. Many of the long time government contractor stated that many times administration officials use the same speech over and over again, but that Mr. Kundra has remain versatile and responsive to quetions from the audience. Both presentations this week at AFCEA Bethesda and NVTC were very impressive.