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Australia – Principles for citizen : public servant engagement

Hi Folks

I’m guessing that many Govloop members are not aware of the AGIMO Blog recently set up in Australia. What struck me was the absence of something really simple to assist people who do not ordinarily blog to engage. With that thought in mind I whipped up something for AGIMO and they have posted it under the tagline Does our blog need a user guide? and, of course, encouraged people to comment etc etc.
Because the initial comments I have raised the question of developing some simple principles for citizen : public engagement. What do you think? How about you head on over to the AGIMO blog and post some ideas, comments and on on.
The comments on the AGIMO Blog by Nicholas Gruen and Lindsay Tanner speak volumes. Go read The main event is you and Response to Gov 2.0 Report
Cheers – Steve D

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