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Unlocking Budget Data in Australia: the BudgetAus Collaboration

Republished with permission from the International Budget Partnership blog This post was written by Rosie Williams of InfoAus. Unlocking Budget Data in Australia: the BudgetAus Collaboration Budget transparency in Australia has recently taken a big step forward with the first ever release of federal budget data in machine readable format. Prior to this year, budgetRead… Read more »

Recolation in Australia: Mobility Changes and Trends

According to the research of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is a wide range of possible living agreements reflecting the various range of households. One of the top causes for Australians to move home in the past five years are purchasing a dwelling and marriage. Reports show up to 45 percent of parents inRead… Read more »

Innovation Australian-Style

Innovation seems to be a big deal in governments around the world. But the Australian Public Service developed a formal action plan for innovation in 2011 and is rolling out a series of initiatives that are building the use of innovation into the government’s institutional framework. The current edition of The Public Manager describes theRead… Read more »

Open letter to Mr Stephen Sedgwick AO, Australian Public Service Commissioner

Dear Commissioner The purpose of this open letter is to articulate a number of issues relating to the apparent thinking of the Australian Public Service Commission and, indeed, the way the Commission goes about its work. In particular, it is a matter of concern that the Commission’s stance perpetuates a repressive corporate management culture. Self-limitingRead… Read more »

It’s Census (data) day!

Today at 11:30am the ABS releases the first tranche of the 2011 Census’s data – including the core demographics. How is this Gov 2.0 related? There’s a number of ways. First, this is the first time the majority of Census data will be released, from day one, under a Creative Commons license as open dataRead… Read more »

“Read all about it” – Get your daily dose of political news from Aussie Federal politicians on Twitter

Following on from mapping all Australian Politicians using Twitter (which has unfortunately declined by two with Senators Bob Brown and Nick Sherry retiring), I’ve created online “newspapers” based on key groupings, so it is possible to get a daily dose of what Australia’s Federal Politicians on Twitter are talking about. To view them go toRead… Read more »

Mapping Australian Twitter discussions

Associate Professor Axel Bruns, who has previously done marvelous work mapping Australian blogs and tracking social media activity around the Queensland bushfires, has released his team’s latest research on mapping the Australian Twittersphere. Drawing (slightly paraphrased) from the joint CCI and Queensland University of Technology media release: With as many as two million Australians nowRead… Read more »

Australian Taxation Office : Awesome abusive managerial culture exposed

What is awesome – in a negative sense – about what is described in this post is the fact that abusive cultures such this are allowed to flourish in the first place. Over the past month and a half I have been working with Serene Teffaha and others as a result of disclosures that pointRead… Read more »