Breaking Down the Numbers

Originally posted on Unleash the Monster

No doubt about it, unemployment numbers in the United States are at an all time high. With over 14 million people unemployed, there are more than 3 million jobs that employers are actively recruiting for but so far have been unable to fill. Obviously, there is a disconnect.

There is a serious mismatch between workers and employers. Industries around the country are disappearing. Workers have been laid off from careers in construction, finance, automotive and retail and are now struggling to find new employment. But some may require additional new skills and training to fulfill the job requirements in growing fields such as education, health care and government.

Here at Monster Government Solutions, we are strong believers of creating and maintaining high-performance workforces. This week on Unleash the Monster, we look at the hiring and training process from both the federal and the state and local perspective. We ask the questions – Does the economy make it easier to attract candidates to government employment? Or is it actually harder to find qualified candidates? Do government agencies have an accurate understanding of existing skill gaps in the workforce, and are they agile enough to work with educators to retrain people to build a larger pool of qualified candidates?

If you have feedback on these issues, we’d love to hear from you on our community page. Develop your own post for the blog or send us examples of what you have been experiencing.

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