Business-government collaboration excels with development of new Cybersecurity center of excellence

The recent hack of the New York Times made all of us think about the quality (our lack of?) of our corporate and national cybersecurity systems. Luckily, gorvernment and businesses are collaborating to maximize our national cybersecurity. In this article an overview on the methods the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) and businesses use to collaborate when setting up this new institute.

What does the center do?

The Cybersecurity Center is an initiative from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The NIST claims the Center will be groundbreaking when it comes to new cybersecurity research. The Center will be funded with $10 million from the NIST’s budget and co-sponsored with Montgomery County, Md., and the State of Maryland. Cybercrime is hurting businesses, individuals and government agencies. The NIST wants to bring together the best minds and create solution that make the web safer for everyone. The state of Maryland announced 800 new jobs in the form of 50 new IT companies following the development of the Center. The NCCoE is a aims to accelerate the development of cybersecurity.

An example of good business-government collaboration

To fund and operate the center, the NIST is teaming up with businesses. The collaboration through the NCCoE means that businesses will have access to shared data on new matters regarding cybersecurity. The centre aims to look at problems both from a technological as well as a business side.

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