Can courts be paperless? Garland, TX thinks so!

Here’s how Garland, TX has gone nearly paperless…

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Stephen Peteritas

hmmm I like the idea but it raises the Cybersecurity question. This could be a cool project of the week though!

Terri Jones

Security issues are important. They are using a product with an extremely granular security structure and an audit trail that tracks everything…THanks!

Kevin Dubs

That’s great. I think certain areas of the legal system are in serious need of a more efficient process. Many procedures are frustratingly slow and confusing. If the Federal Government is following the Plain Writing Act of 2010, maybe certain parts of the legal system (simple, more transactional cases) could be next to follow suit.

Hans Hinners

This isn’t as new as some might think. Relativity has been doing paperless process for public safety, integrated court & detention center for over ten years. Relativity Public Safety (RPS) I’m a fan of their Relativity Records Management system and can’t speak to RPS directly.

Joe James

All courts can be paperless and the Federal Courts are paperless with a few exceptions (e.g., Sealed documents). Electronic filing is one area where the Federal Courts are ahead of the State Courts and are doing it using software developed internally by the Administrative Office of the US Courts.