Carbon Offsets Meet Trucking Industry

We recently read an article at GreenBiz.com that caught our eye: Canadian Truckers Can Now Earn Carbon Credits from Fuel Efficiency. According to the article, a co-op of 23 trucking companies have joined together, measured their fuel use, and will sell reductions in fuel use as carbon offsets.

The cooperative seems to have done its homework when establishing in January of this year. They use the Verified Carbon Standard, “a greenhouse gas accounting program used by projects around the world to verify and issue carbon credits in voluntary markets,” to measure their offsets. They have also cleared their activities with the Ministry of Environment. Still, we were unsure what made the whole thing possible until we read about British Columbia’s goal of achieving a 33% greenhouse gas reduction (from 2007 levels) by 2020. Now all the pieces fit into place: the public policy goal created a demand for carbon offsets. Then, industries that could potentially provide the offsets responded by improving their energy efficiency and measuring their activities using an international standard.

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