City hall of Fortaleza and the Virtual Community of the Legislative – Interlegis

The Indication as finalist in IT Leaders 2009 of Computerworld of Brazil, was prominence these days in the Virtual Community of the Legislative.

Interlegis is a program developed by the Federal Senate, in partnership with the Interamerican Bank of Development (BID), of modernization and integration of the Legislative Power in your levels federal, state and municipal and of promotion of the largest transparency and interaction of that Power with the society. The used means are the new technologies of information, that allow the communication and the change of experiences between the Legislative Houses and the legislators and between the Legislative Power and the public, seeking to increase the participation of the population in the legislative process. More than 4 thousand City halls already received computers and printers of the Program for if they call to Internet, they use the electronic mail and they place your information to the users’ of the internet disposition.

Entities as Interlegis, Govlloop, among others that represent an interaction channel among the several Organs of Government, come to demonstrate the importance of the democratic works accomplished all over the world. The Interaction between Government and the Population becomes a reality in our time and Internet the used democratic tool.

City hall of Fortaleza:

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Great stuff. Amazing to see the power of online to connect across the globe. Keep up the good work and let me know how I can help.