Climate change and a Gov 2.0 event in Toronto

I’ve been following the activity around climate change, sustainability, and cleantech especially closely, in recent weeks. Part of it is due to some specific sustainability and cleantech related events I’ve been involved in, including the GreenXchange and the Austin Clean Energy Venture Summit.

Also, it’s because I’m thrilled at the pace with which social media, cloud computing, and enterprise 2.0 concepts and technologies are being adopted in federal-to-local government. In the run up to the COP 15 event, despite the “downer” news about lower expectations today reported by the BBC, I expect even more innovative announcements about the opportunities for engagement, monitoring, and impact facilitated by collaborative applications.

One source from which I’m hoping to hear some interesting ideas emerge is the Toronoto Innovation Showcase next week, November 2-3. There is a robust agenda of speakers, topics, and technologies – I enourage you to check it out!

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