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Collect and Organize Job Applicants with OFCCP Compliant Application Tracking Software

Everyone will agree, one of the keys to running a successful corporate recruiting program is to stay organized. In today’s world, where applicants can easily apply to hundreds of openings with a few mouse clicks and each job attracts hundreds of candidates, keeping track of everyone, especially those diamonds in the rough is a real challenge.
That is, unless you’re using Newton, popular, OFCCP compliant, Applicant Tracking Software
Introducing Newton folders, the easiest way to keep track of candidates of interest.
With Newton folders
• Now you will easily keep track of someone for that job that will open up next month
• Create folders to store awesome applicants
• Have folders to track candidates that are in a specific stage of your recruiting process like people that are completing testing or pre-employment screening
• How about a folder to store candidates from your competitors?
Find an applicant you want to add to a folder and just drag and drop them in.. it’s that easy.
Share your folders with other Newton users or make them private. Newton’s Folders are flexible and designed to help you stay organized.
To learn more about Newton, our popular applicant tracking software, please visit us at NewtonSoftware.com

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