Collecting the best case studies of Social Media in Government

I am working on collecting the best case studies of social media in government for a workshop series I am organizing with Potomac Forum. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on topics, curriculum and speakers. We are planning to bring in some outside speakers on commercial lessons learned and how they could be applied to government as well as highlighting the best examples already in government.

This is out preliminary outline. So its still in flux.

Putting a human face on government. Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.
Making .gov .usable: Making government websites relevant to the public.
APIs and Widgets: Data and Developer Communities.

Community Building
Creating, Sharing and Tracking Content
Social Media Metrics: Measuring Influence and Participation
Gov Mobile

Public Collaboration
Collaboration within the Agency

Case Studies in mapping policy to Social Media Efforts.
Privacy and Social Media.

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John Bersentes

Would be happy to share some of our private sector success stories for the use of employment outreach & communications measurement for government Ken.

It just makes sense to measure the effectiveness of your outreach campaign. Typically, cookies are deployed to track user activity and store personal information. But this method is far too invasive for government use.

Fortunately, there’s a highly viable, cookie–less alternative for government.

We call it TMP GovMetrics™. TMP GovMetrics lets you optimize your outreach efforts without storing personal information and compromising user anonymity. You can non–invasively evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness while obtaining statistical evidence that your outreach expenditure is money well spent