Coming up With Ideas

Coming up with ideas sounds really easy, but sometimes to get the simple but most effective ideas, it’s worth thinking about how to stimulate them. I’ve been working with local residents from community and arts groups and students from colleges and universities to help them come up with ideas for our competition.

A few days ago, I was at the Chatham Maritime Campus navigating my way through it’s various universities and colleges to facilitate a workshop with students. Apart from feeling old that this time, it was me in front of students rather than the other way and feeling slightly irrelevant from only three of them knew what a council actually did.

If you ever speak to children about what you do, do ask the question, you’d be surprised as to how few people know, I didn’t when I was at school! At least, now they think local government is all about using Lego in presentations…

You can see the presentation to download and use if you want to do a workshop for the competition or if you want do a session on coming up with ideas on how the use of technology can help people help each other.

So that this can be like a toolkit to the game, I’m going to go through each slide, so you get an idea of how the workshop might work. Having said, I’m very open to how it could be improved and personalised!

See the presentation and the guide here.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

I think we should do a lot more engaging with students to find out their ideas around solving some of our age-old problems. Let’s get ’em before our universities and the working world “corrupt” ’em. 😉