Contract Management: GSA Finds Efforts to Streamline Operations Are Improving Agencies

Over the last few years, the GSA has made plenty of headlines, whether due to lavish, over-the-top conference expenses, poor contract management, or attempts at regaining control and visibility through cloud-based services, but this time the news is more positive. GSA administrator Dan Tangherlini has announced that a “top to bottom” review of agencies will result in consolidation and streamlined improvements to multiple offices.

“Our hope is that the better coordinated and more streamlined GSA will make us a model of how to provide the kind of efficient, effective, and transparent service that the American people expect from their government,” Tangherlini wrote.

Last fall, Tangherlini expressed optimism for the state of his and other agencies after reporting that millions of dollars have thus far been saved through spending cuts and deployment of cloud-based solutions, such as electronic invoice management. In his statement, Tangherlini added that planned streamlining efforts include:

  • A joint technology office that will consolidate budgets, systems and personnel under the control of the GSA’s chief information officer
  • Consolidation of human resource management
  • Efforts to better manage correspondence, records and audit response tracking

Efforts to improve expense management and oversight continue in the wake of multiple scandals over mismanaged funds. With many eyes now fixated on how tax dollars are being used by public agencies, contracts, expenses and travel costs are being monitored more closely than ever. Between the Obama Administration’s “Cloud First” initiative and agencies being held accountable to a higher standard of financial management, the resulting multi-million dollar savings and process improvements should go a long way in regaining public trust.

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