Corridor’s Success Metrics.

Last week, I wrote about Corridor, the State Department’s new internal social networking portal. This week, I want to examine some ways that its administrators can illustrate to their leadership that their investment in Corridor is returning results. Here are the top four metrics I think they should look at:

  • Membership and activity – especially among senior leadership
  • Reduction in email volume among members
  • Profile search volume and creation of ad hoc working groups
  • Integrating (or replacing) duplicative systems

(read full explanations of each of these metrics on the Business of Government Blog)

I’m curious to know what other success metrics could be developed. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Next, I’ll outline the features of corridor and show how they align with the success metrics. Then, I’ll write about some obstacles to success that eDiplomacy will have to navigate.

Graphic: Section of Corridor brochure, courtesy of IRM eDiplomacy

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To me the hardest but most useful metric is:

-Problems solves/questions answered/time saved – this is often qualitative data. But an example would be posted a question on Corridor. In past used to take me 3 days to get information for that answer. In Corridor, it took 3 hours.

Also serendipity seems to be another big impact. Which can be hard to measure? But saves a ton of time/money. I didn’t know this part of State was doing X. We are doing something similar. Let’s work together