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State Department’s Holistic Approach to Cloud Security

It’s well known that becoming a Foreign Service officer for the State Department can take a person on the journey of a lifetime. But there’s a different kind of journey that the State Department has been on — the journey of successfully adopting and deploying cloud computing technology departmentwide, and doing so securely.

The “De-Siloization” of Knowledge in Government

Most of an organization’s collective wisdom is locked in people’s heads, and not written down for others to search for and use. So, how do you increase the ability of people to know the expertise of their professional colleagues and share it with each other within a large organization?

Making a Difference in Government and You Get to Stay in Your PJs

Do you ever find yourself laying in bed or sitting in front of the TV thinking, “If I could only get a chance, I’d make a difference”? Well, believe it or not, you can! In fact, you can stay in your PJs, in the comfort of your dorm room, and make a difference in theRead… Read more »