Crab cakes

The biggest hit at the Taste of Arlington event this past Sunday was the Carlyle restaurant’s crab cake sandwich. There are many good crab cakes to be had in and around the Washington, DC area — this was the first time we had those made by Carlyle. One of our favorite crab cakes is made at Clyde’s. Clyde’s has two versions of crab cake — the less expensive bar food version and the premium version full of lump crab meat. For our older son’s rehearsal dinner at Clyde’s of Tysons Corner a few years ago we chose the chicken (better than the rubber chicken of most conferences) and the premium crab cakes. The crab cakes were a big success. We will be heading to Ocean City next week for a few days — I think we may be chowing down a crab cake or two.

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Kathy A. Albetski

We like soft shell crabs, too. In addition to eating them from time to time at various restaurants (by the way Clyde’s at Mark Center in Alexandria has a soft shell crab almondine on the menu right now), we occaisionally fry up a couple for dinner. Yummy.

AJ Malik

America Seafood Corp, in Arlington (4500 block Lee HWY), is a hidden seafood gem. The small green seafood shack, in the back parking lot of the strip mall, has terrific crab cakes, fish, and other seafood. Enjoy!

Denise Hill

Kathy, Enjoy OC.
Jerry, Faidley takes me back. My dad would buy us kids softshell sandwiches or crab cakes from Faidley while he and his crew enjoyed good conversation, beer and raw oysters. Food was affordable and divine back in the day.

Kathy A. Albetski

Tyler Florence has a few interesting recipes for crab cakes. One of them is Hong Kong style crab cakes, but I could not find the recipe on the Food Network Web site. I have the recipe in one of his cookbooks and I have made them a few times. Very tasty and a little bit different than most of the crab cakes I have had – they include garlic, ginger, and Thai red chili paste.