CRM Appstore for Government

Introduced at the Conference of Mayors this past weekend, there is a new resource for US Public Sector organizations looking for applications and add-ons based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Now, public sector organizations of all sizes can use technology to better manage everything from citizen services, FOIA requests, economic development, mapping, fleet management and much more. All available in the cloud or on premise, based on your choice. Putting special focus on organizations with reduced or nonexistent IT staff, these solutions make it easier for organizations to purchase, deploy and manage important application services.

The CRM App Store for Dynamics provides customers with an easy “Click, Try, and Buy” experience. This allows for instant access to demo the solution of choice before buying it. The online store also provides pricing options, brochures, videos, descriptions, and features of each solution, to ensure it fits your organizational needs. After the solution is researched and put through a trial, your organization can complete a purchase with a simple click of a mouse, providing seamless access and procurement. To make it even easier, an organization can procure an application using capital or operational funds by credit card or PO.

Applications available in the CRM app store can save organizations from managing services on paper, email, or spreadsheets and provide an innovative approach to organizational processes. The Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions organization and its partners have taken these enterprise ready applications and structured them specifically to support organizations with only a few users or even up to thousands. The flexibility is built in. Depending on the purpose, these solutions may offer a single view of the citizen, student, patient, employee, or asset, to allow organizations to close requests, manage cases or analyze revenue generating opportunities more efficiently and cost effectively.

To learn more, visit the CRM App Store for Dynamics

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