Crowd-Sourcing Weapon Design

I believed I had more time to do this — in fact, I thought nobody had this idea. It was so brilliant, so original — crowd-sourcing weapon design.

Well, I was wrong. Not only had someone written about it, but now DARPA is doing something about it (or at least something similar).

So I’m not the originator, but I’m very happy something is getting done about this; however, I think we can go further.

My concept is to use challenge.gov to create conceptual ideas for Prompt Global Strike — A.K.A. slamming a missile into a target anywhere on earth within 60 minutes.

My motivation is simple: I think the idea is really cool, and I could get to work on it because it falls inline with my agency’s scope of work.

DARPA’s concept for vehicleforge.mil is a good start. Depending on DARPA’s model and results, I’d like to see the concept expanded to warforge.mil or defenseforge.mil. But warforge sounds cooler.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Idea (that I can’t believe I’m sharing because it’s kinda scary): get all the gamers out there to contribute…share all the weapons they’ve created (or would like to create for the games) that they’d like to see in reality. I really don’t want that…but I’m just jumping on the creative bandwagon for a minute.